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with the biggest contract before losing it all when he was convicted of running a dog fighting ring. now out of prison, he's trying to turn his life around. and as jeff glor reports, that won't be easy. report after a signing that stunned the sports world, michael vick was reserved and remorseful. >> i made some mistakes, done some terrible things. i'm glad i got the opportunity to have a second chance. and i won't disappoint. >> reporter: vick apologized for running a brutal dog fighting operation out of this house in virginia, a crime that got him 18 months in federal prison. >> our country is a country of second chances, and i paid my debt to society. >> reporter: the 29-year-old quarterback, who once signed a record $130 million contract with the atlanta falcons, got a two-year deal with the eagles worth 1.6 million the first season, had if he makes the team, and 5.2 million in year two, if the team wants him back. not the biggest contract in
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the team's history, but perhaps his biggest p. r. risk, in a city not known for leniency with sports stars. current starter jonathan mcnabb was jooered on draft day before he even took a snap. eagle fans famously booed santa claus at half time in 1968. >> i think there will be some boos, some people that will be really angry. >> he thinks he's a quarterback, he's obviously a bad human being. >> reporter: what sort of message does this send to young mans -- fans who care about animals. vick admits that what he did to dogs was cruel and barbaric and has pledged to make a commitment to steer inner city youth away from dog fighting. >> there's no third chances. >> reporter: as for how heel do on the field after a
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to-year layoff, he spoke exclusive with cbs's james brown for "60 minutes". >> reporter: how much do you think your skills if at all have diminished or eroded being away from the game for two years? >> two years is not a long time. i still run just as fast and throw the ball just as far as i did before i left. >> reporter: you'll see vick on the field in practice tomorrow. but the nfl has said they will not fully reinstate him to play in regular season games until at least week six, which comes in october. if vick has an impact right away and helps the eagles win, do not be shocked if those boos he's hearing now turn to cheers. >> couric: thanks remuch. you can see all of the interview with michael vick on "60 minutes" this sunday at 7 p.m., 6 p.m. central. now to an update on that disaster in the sky over new york city. the f.a.a. said today it plans to review the rules for flying along a busy section of the hudson river where a small plane collided with a tourist
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helicopter last saturday, killing nine people. and there's word tonight that two air traffic controllers have been suspended, one was actually on the phone moments before the two aircraft collided. national correspondent jim axelrod has more. >> reporter: the fatal mid care collision captured by a tourist camera happened just seconds after an air traffic controller failed to warn the small plane of aircraft in its path. >> looking at the tape it's clear to me what the helicopter didn't see the airplane, and the airplane didn't see the helicopter. >> reporter: shortly after the plane departs teterboro, new jersey airport at 11:49, the air traffic controller warns the pilot of helicopters in the area, and to stay at or under 1100 feet. the controller then made a nonbusiness related phone call. the controller's supervisor was out of the building. at 11:52, tier bro hands the plane off to the newark airport tower. radar shows several aircraft in potential conflict with the plane, including the doomed chopper which took off moments
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before. teterboro does not see the danger, but newark does, and tells the teterboro controller to instruct the plane to turn away. at 11:52, the teterboro controller makes two attempts to contact the plane. the plane does not respond. four seconds later, radar computer systems sound an alarm. 20 seconds after that, the& helicopter and plane collide. right now we're flying just over the air space where the accident took place. all small planes and helicopters that fly below 1100 feet fly without any air traffic controller telling them where to go. so while the controllers may have failed to alert the plane, experts say both pilots still had primary responsibility for spotting danger. >> at this point i'd say it's human error, certainly considering one or both of these pilots. the next question is whether the negligence that the air traffic controllers clearly exhibited was a cause of this accident. >> reporter: the two air traffic controllers have been suspended. the f.a.a. calls their
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behavior unacceptable. but national transportation safety board says it's too soon to make judgments on their roles in the crash. jim am el -- axelrod, new york. >> couric: the biggest bank failure so far this year, the u.s. government has shut down colonial bank group, place based this alabama it was once a fast growing lender in real estate. but the bank will reopen tomorrow and will be taken over by bb and t bank. one more note about the economy, the recession andler energy costs are keeping a lid on prices. the government reported today that consumer prices did not budge in july, and over the past 12 months they're down 2.1%, that's the biggest annual drop in nearly six decades. turning to the continuing battle over health care reform now, president obama headed west today to big sky country to once again moderate his own town meeting. one of his goals, to win over some blue dog or conservative
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democrats, skeptical of his plans. chip reid is traveling with the president tonight in belgrade, montana. >> reporter: the president's critics predicted that at today's town hall in conservative montana he would finally see face to face the rage over health care reform. >> hello, montana! >> reporter: it was clear from the start though this crowd was on his side. >> if we can get it done this year, the american people are going to be better off. thank you, montana. >> reporter: the questions were mostly softball. >> welcome and thank you, and i believe in reform as well. >> reporter: the president even tried some humor. >> here in montana you've got bears and moose, elk, and in washington you just have mostly bull. >> reporter: then, finally, some anger from a man who turned the president's humor against him. >> we keep getting the bull, that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> reporter: it's unlikely the questioner was as pleased with the answer as the crowd was.
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>> 2/3 of the money we can obtain just from eliminating waste and inefficiencys. >> reporter: at one point the president even asked for a tougher question. >> i want somebody who, who's got a concern or a skeptical about health care. >> reporter: and he got an upset insurance salesman who wanted to know why the president changed his strategy and decided toville file the insurance companies. half a mile away, at the designated protest site there was opposition. so why wasn't there more anger in here? for one thing, after accusing republicans of orchestrating their protests, democrats did some orchestrating of their own, getting in line early in large numbers and snatching up most of the tickets. some here said they wanted to ask tougher questions, but didn't even raise their hands. they were intimidated they said by the fact that this is the president of the united states, not to mention the fact that he's surrounded by an adoring crowd and the
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secret service. >> couric: krip reed, thank you. in northern california the battle tonight is against summer wildfires that are exploding across the hills, threatening hundreds of buildings in the rugged country side near santa cruz. the lockheed fire has blackened about six square miles of wilderness, nearly 700 firefighters are on the scene and more than 2,000 people have been told to evacuate. now a name from the past, lynette "squeaky" fromme was just 26 years old, a follower of charles manson, when she pointeded a gun at president gerald ford back in 1975. she was sentenced to life for that assassination attempt. she's now 60, and today she was released on parole. manson is still serving his life term for the 1969 slaughter of actress sharon tate and eight others. coming up next right here on the cbs evening news, u.s. marines fighting house by house, clearing the way so afghans can vote next week.
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tonight a fierce battle continues in a key town where taliban power is concentrated. the marines want to take them out before they can sabotage next thursday's election. chief foreign affairs correspondent lara logan is with the marines in camp bastian. >> reporter: surging violence in the days leading up to the election has not kept president car a and his main challenger abdullah abdullah from campaigning cross country. but one place neither of them will be visiting is the town in hostile helmand province. 400 u.s. marines stormed into this taliban strong hold three days ago. to take control of the town, and derail taliban plans to disrupt the elections. >> we will see attempts at spectacular attacks. hopefully we will disrupt them before they become spectacular attacks. >> reporter: but that's what they're planning? >> that's the biggest bang for the buck for them.
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>> reporter: the aim was to get the taliban out in time for people to vote. but the town is still not secure. senior marine officers told cbs news they believe the taliban is trying to launch a counterattack. >> they will assess our strength, our posture, they will assess our security measuress, and they will probe until they have found a weakness. >> reporter: the marines point out that it's only been six weeks since they launched major operations across this province. but the question is already being asked, do they have enough troops? what the marines and the people here say they want is more afghan soldiers. but there aren't enough afghan soldiers to fill the growing need here. so it will be left to u.s. troops for now. lara logan, cbs news. >> couric: back home the kennedy clan gathered today on cape cod for the funeral of eunice kennedy shriver, who died this week at the age of 88. her daughter maria shriver
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gave the eulogy, she praised her mother, who founded special olympics as a fighter for the powerless and an inspiration to her own children. >> i think if i said to my mother, which i often did, i can't go on without you, i don't know how to live without you, she'd say you're fine, i've raised you well, now get out there, i don't want to hear one more thing, get going, your brothers will be nice to you. >> couric: senator edward kennedy was unable to attend the than funeral because of his health. gas, bloating. that'! can i tell you what a difference phillips' colon health has made? it's the probiotics. the good bacteria. that gets your colon back in balance. i'm good to go! phillips' colon health. from the northeast, try our new garlic-roasted... maine lobster and crab bake. or from the south, try our new orleans...
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>> couric: while the president of the united states does many interviews, it's always a privilege to get one, but it's rare when one gets as much attention as one president obama did with the damon weaver that was posted on you tube. you see, damon is only in 6th grade. and he asked the kinds of questions only an 11-year-old could. >> were you ever bullied in school? >> you know, i wasn't bullied too much in school, i was pretty big for my age. but obviously, you know, it's a terrible thing, bullying, and i hope all young people out there understand that they should treat each other with respect. >> couric: respect for privacy remains a touchy subject for the obama white house. and bill plant tells us that's why damon may have hit a nerve when he asked about, of all things, school nutrition.
7:18 pm
>> do you have if the school lunch is better? >> we are seeing if we can make school lunches healthier. because a lot of school lunches, there's a lot of french fries and pizza, and tater tots and all kinds of stuff that isn't a well balanced meal. >> reporter: ask better school lunches are the point of these ads, strategic cloudy placed for congressional staffers to see in the capitol hill train station. a young girl asks why kids in private schools like the president's daughters have much better meal choices than she does. >> schools are used as dumping ground for high cholesterol agricultural products. >> reporter: but white house lawyers objected to the reference to the obama children, and asked dr. barnard's nonprofit group to take them down. he refused. >> we play by the rules here, but we're drawing a very sharp distinction about what kids need to be served in school. >> reporter: there's no doubt the president agrees with the message. >> as a part of our overall
7:19 pm
health care reform, we've also got to talk about, for example, our school lunch programs. >> reporter: but the white house sees the reference to the girls as an invasion of privacy. despite the fact that they are sometimes seen in public as they were today, the obamas do try to keep them out of the spotlight. not so for damon weaver, a celebrity today at the white house. and not surprisingly for an 11-year-old, he has his own idea for the perfect school lunch. >> i suggest that we have french fries and mangos every day for lunch. >> i'm not sure we can get mangos in every school. >> reporter: so it's mangos for lunch, but as for the french fries, the president told damon not so much. as for the posters, the white house has taken no further action, but they are only scheduled to be up for the next couple of weeks. bill plant, cbs news, the white house. >> couric: french fries and mangos, yuck.
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>>. >> couric: now this could blow your mind. woodstock was 40 years ago this weekend. as they say, if you can remember it, you probably weren't there. but the reality is those who were there weren't either. i know, confusing. steve hartman explains it's all in tonight's assignment america. >> reporter: every year thousands of people pull into woodstock, new york and find themselves asking the same who's buried in grant's tomb-evening question. >> this is woodstock, but it wasn't -- >> reporter: the woodstock concert didn't happen in woodstock? >> no. >> i'm not the first one to make this mistake. >> one million eight. >> i know, that's a tough pill for a lot of people to swallow. >> reporter: joyce beamer is president of the town of
7:24 pm
woodstock, chamber of commerce. but go to where the concert was, you would be more disappointed. there's no woodstock there. >> reporter: charred burdick disagrees. >> this is woodstock 1969. >> reporter: charles runs the one and only business on the main drag through bethel. >> a lot of peel want to bring woodstock back to where woodstock is, not the town of woodstock, bethel, new york. >> reporter: today 40 years after the festival, two distinctly different towns are competing for your peace pilgrim collar. woodstock concert inspiration, and bethel. concert location. they sit on opposite side of the catskill mountains, a good hour and a half apart. so what's a day triping hippy to do? >> if civil war buff wants to experience geties burg, they go to gettysburg, they're not going to go to dubuque. >> reporter: he's director at
7:25 pm
the new bethel wood museum, overlooking the old concert sites, the museum takes visitor back, not only to the festival but to the 60s in general. the town of woodstock doesn't have a museum, per se. >> this is the museum. >> reporter: joyce says her town is still very much the3 music and artist come oney that inspired festival pro mowers in the first place. if you want hair, hippies and guys walking in circles for no particular reason, you'll definitely find that here. woodstock has everything, except for what may be the most important thing. the nothing. >> it's not just an empty field. >> no, there's souls and stuff out in there. >> reporter: harry was see woodstock festival, that's him. harry saw all three days, all 36 acts, jimmy hendricks, sly and the family stone, country joe and the fish.
7:26 pm
harry pleaded for peace and wallowed in the mud with nearly half a million of his closest friends. you saw it all, but forgot most of it, when in 1973 he was hit by lightning and got amnesia. >> it just brought a lot back. >> reporter: you remembered such things you didn't remember? >> yeah, all kinds of little details. like flashbacks of the faces and the hippy chix that we hung out with. >> reporter: harry even remembered where he sat. >> so here i was. >> reporter: so, to answer the question, where is woodstock? if you're interested in the concert you are to come here. >> that's our concert. >> reporter: i'm afraid i acan't give you a definitive answer, although after meeting harry i'm inclined to think it's not a city in new york. >> just say it one time. >> reporter: it's a state of mind. >> that feels better. >> reporter: one footnote, the concert was called woodstock because the organizers were from woodstock and their company was called woodstock ventures, so that's how it got the name.
7:27 pm
while it's still carrying onto this day i'm not sure. >> couric: the rest of ther to as they say. tell us about next week. >> next week we'll take a free ride, what one cab driver is doing to relieve the recession in his neck of the highway. that story coming up next week. >> couric: all right. steve hartman, peace. >> peace to you too. >> couric: that is the cbs evening news for tonight. i'm katie couric. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. and jeff glor are be back here tomorrow night. good night.
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this is "entertainment tonight" in high definition. oprah in tears. maria shriver carrying her mother's casket. >> mommy was our hero. >> inside the funeral of eunice kennedy shriver. >> she fought right up until her very last breath. >> where was ted kennedy as he battled the brain tumor? plus, is this the end of camelot? michael jackson's secret drug meeting? >> the new dr. speaking

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